PT287: Find the key in your top terrific promotions. Personalize it with your company logo/name, web site or phone number. While it is carried around, daily exposure provides instant advertising to promote your business. This beautiful heart shaped keychain is made of quality metal, mirror-like silver and dark inserts provides generous imprint area for laser engraving, comes with convenient split key ring and individual 2-piece black gift box. It is a perfect gift for anniversary celebrations, company events, school activities, realty or mortgage companies, insurance businesses, travel agencies etc. Product size: 1.45” x 1.75” Engraving area: 1” x 0.60” Imprint method: Laser engraving, set up: $32.00 for 1 location. Production time: 2 weeks

Qty Price
50 2.33 USD
1000 2.03 USD
Name Desc. Qty.
PT287/SLV Shiny Silver Insert
PT287/BLK Shiny Black Insert
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